tuna académica do ipam - cidade de matosinhos

Positive attitude and the glass full, it’s the motto of this gang...


Born 23rd March 1998 with the goal of providing joy and academic spirit to its noble institution.

Although officially born on March 23rd 1998, the Tuna started its formation and first rehearsals November 1997.

After its first 5 years, and in the celebrations of its anniversary, the Tuna organises its first Tuna’s Festival, the FITAM.

In 2009 acquired legal status and became a non-profit organisation.

The Tuna started its journey with performances to its Institution, in bars, pubs, restaurants, and as time went by, started participating in Tunas’ festivals and gatherings.

The journey of the Tuna Académica do IPAM – Cidade de Matosinhos has been guided by a behaviour that distinguishes two main aspects: academic tradition and music. The Tuna always searched, since its foundation, to counterbalance music and academic posture harmoniously, trying to find the perfect balance between them.

With more than 20 years of existence, the Tuna Académica do IPAM – Cidade de Matosinhos is proud to have participated in several Tunas’ festivals and gatherings throughout the country, where, apart from leaving its joyfulness and friendship that characterizes it, also won several distinction and prizes.

To summarise, the Tuna Académica do IPAM – Cidade de Matosinhos has had a natural journey, a tuna’s normal growth where it never lost its unique way of living: “Positive attitude and the glass full!”.

Many are the memories and performances of the TAIPAM, always with the goal of dignifying and promoting its institution, the Instituto Português de Administração de Marketing and its beloved city, Matosinhos.